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SportExpert is a new generation company with high rates of successful sports betting acquired by many years of work. The experience gained by our team for over 7 years of work has made it possible to develop more than a dozen successful strategies for various sports, which generate 95% of profitable forecasts for the most profitable sporting events in the world. By combining our knowledge, experience, insights, our team developed a unique, highly profitable investment product, in which our own profitable strategies are taken as a basis.

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Strategy description

  1. Select all football matches for the next 24 hours, in which Total is over than 2.5 goals gives a coefficient greater than 2
  2. The game is suitable for betting only if:
    • after the first half not a single goal is scored;
    • only one goal is scored, that is, the score after the first half should be 1-0 or 0-0;
  3. As soon as a goal is scored in the second half (no later than the 70th minute), we rely on TOTAL less than 2.5, if this is the first goal (that is, the score was 1-0), or TOTAL less than 3.5, if this is the second goal of the match ( The score has become 1-1 or 2- 0). IMPORTANT - the coefficient for this bet should not be lower than 1.2.
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